Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hyphy-Extreme Smiling-Starbucks and TMI mom.

So today's story is just...kind of all over the place.

lets start off with the usual routine.

Step on the bus.
Get in.
Say Hello.
Money in the Money thing.
Find a seat.
Sit down.
Look occupied.
Ok so i don't know if you all know what hyphy is? This is what i found to explain it.

*Etymology: Etymology: San Francisco Bay Area, shortened perhaps from English dialect "hyperactive"; other sources cite a combination of "hype" and "fly." Popularized by E-40 and the Federation's song "Hyphy" (2004); first known use on record by Keak Da Sneak in 1998 (on "Cool," from his LP Sneakacidle).
1 : dangerous and irrational: CRAZY;
2 : amusingly eccentric; without inhibition: GOOFY
"They were getting hyphy up in the club Saturday night."

Ha. That is from the "urban dictionary".
So its just crazy music that you get crazy to. I know its probably explained wrong so I am sorry.

So this guy walks on with his lap top, Puts his money in, and sits in the back.
Then the quietness turns into some very loud hyphy music...So all i hear is..
we go S - T - U - P - I - D when we go to the club we dont need ID everywhere we go its a party yall we gon get it crackin like the mardi gras
Get Stupid.
Then i look over and this lady is just staring at me, but not just staring...SMILING and not just smiling..EXTREME SMILING.
So i smile back and then look out the window.
I just cant relax though...i felt like someone was just staring.
So i decide to be brave and put my head up.
Someone was staring at me. You know who?
The extreme smiling lady with her orange lipstick.
The bus finally Arrives to our destination
I arrive at work.
Do my usual.. work and then leave.
Waiting again at the lonely bus stop.
The bus arrives.
I get on.
Money is money holder thing.
Find a seat.
Sit down.
Question myself "Why Me?"
Get over it.
Then look occupied.
The bus was packed.
The seats were all filled up and i thought So many people...why??????????
The lady that was sitting next to me got off at her stop.
Some guy sat by me, but this guy worked at starbucks(this may sound weird but he smelt good)
Then this mom came on with her daughter and her daughters bestfriend.
The reason why shes named TMI(to much information) mom is cause she really did give out to much info.
She then started to go off how she has 5 kids and doesn't really know any of them.
She doesn't remember there names or birthdays..they have to remind her.
Its not like she "special" or anything. She seemed normal..Laughed extremely loud and kept talking about will smith and how she loves the show "fresh prince of bal air."
How she has this major crush on Jaz(Will's best friend on the show)
Then she tells me how she woke up and could not find her daughter and then she went back to sleep. Woke up again..She couldn't find her daughter. Looked out her window and saw her at the park across the street with there dog. "TMI" wasn't worried cause the dog was there to help her across the street.(WOW right)

So my heart went out to her and i was sad and yet i learned a lot from her.
To remember my kids names
kids is Birthdays.
To keep private information..PRIVATE.
Oh and how i need to fix my weave(ya she really thought i had a "weave")
So that was my day. The stories are heck tick and a little sad, but that's what you get when your on The Daily 20.

Thanks for your time you handsome/Beautiful people!

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